Ted Cruz Sounds the Alarm: ‘This Is It, They’re Coming for All Our Guns’

It is the moment we knew that would come one day, and it seems that it is happening now. The left has created the perfect storm of circumstances to allow this to occur and this is just one more reason why we need to be super vigilant.

First off, you have the pandemic that has been crawling on for a year that was used to create so much fear, and also it crippled many people financially which is just one issue. That coupled with the new push for vaccination and then there was the mass shooting that took place over the weekend. Now all of it doesn’t seem like it would fit together for some, but that means you do not know your history that well.

Take a look at 1940s Germany and how they were able to disarm the people before they forced them on trains.

The left pushes for further gun control which leads to them disarming more Americans.

They then can force vaccinations and if you do not take the vaccination you are arrested and put in a camp for the good of society. How will you defend your family if you are disarmed? You can’t and away we go to be reeducated.

This isn’t that far of a stretch y’all.

In fact, I truly believe this was the plan since the pandemic started which is why they cheated so much to get Biden in the White House.

Thankfully, there Sen. Ted Cruz sees the handwriting on the wall and is sounding the alarm for everyone.

On Tuesday, Sen. Cruz slammed Democrats during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on gun violence for trying to “take guns away from law-abiding citizens.”

“Every time there’s a shooting, we play this ridiculous theater … Democrats propose taking away guns from law-abiding citizens … it makes it worse,” Cruz said.

Cruz also noted that “every year, firearms are used in a defensive capacity to defend women, children, families roughly a million times a year in the United States. And the Democrats who want to take away the guns from those potential victims will create more victims of crimes, not less.”

“Let’s target the bad guys, the felons, the fugitives, those with mental disease; let’s put them in jail. Let’s stop them from getting guns. Let’s not scapegoat innocent law-abiding citizens and let’s not target their constitutional rights.”


Sassy Liberty


Sassy Liberty is a political writer for the better part of a decade. She has been vocal for years on social media concerning the communist agenda that has infiltrated our country. She is an advocate for medical freedom, homeschooling, and defunding the woke culture. Do you want to stop the war on kids and defund the commie agenda? msha.ke/danielledeperi

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