Ted Cruz Just Turned The Tables On Democrats BIG TIME!

 Ted Cruz Just Turned The Tables On Democrats BIG TIME!

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz is accompanied by his wife Heidi and daughter Caroline as he speaks about the primary election results in Florida, Ohio and Illinois during a campaign rally in Houston, Texas March 15, 2016. REUTERS/Trish Badger

They say there are only two certainties in life: that of death and taxes. Well, we can add a third to that as well, and that would be that the only time the Democrats are able to get anything is when they ram a bill through. This time, they raised the ire of Ted Cruz.

However, before getting to that, their bill-ramming strategy was about the only way that they were able to get that bloated, $1.7 trillion “relief” bill. It’s also a good thing that they put a reconciliation loophole in there, because otherwise they would look like the stupid lame ducks that they are.

The Democrats have a slim majority in the House and the Senate. Well, whoop-ti-do! It really doesn’t mean anything, because they are still having difficulty pushing anything through. The far-left wing of the party is just too radical on things such as “infrastructure”, gun control, and voting. Indeed, a few of the Democrats are moderate holdouts and so they aren’t willing to play ball at all.

Apparently, Ted Cruz on the GOP side is fed up with this immense liberalism from the left as well. He is calling out what the Democrats’ real plan has been all along.

Democrats are rallying to push their new election bill, and Senator Ted Cruz is doing everything in his power to stop them dead in their tracks. He is slamming the Democrats, and even though he noted that this was the same people that passed the old Jim Crow laws about seven decades ago, he called their current voter bill “the most radical legislation he’s ever seen.”

Is Ted Cruz making wild exaggerations? Nope. The man is actually considered one of the foremost constitutional scholars of the Senate, so when he speaks, people listen. He definitely knows a thing or two about constitutional law. Thus, he knows a couple of things about our legal system.

The bill that Ted Cruz is so upset about? It would make it much easier for our election process to be exploited through underhanded election activities such as ballot harvesting and unsecured, mail-in voting. The first thing this bill would do is eliminate voter ID laws throughout the country. Has your state passed a voter ID law? Well, too bad, because the federal government has just superseded it.

Thus, Ted Cruz has come out against this new bill because he knows something that us fellow conservatives wholeheartedly agree with him on: this bill would just make it easier for Democrats to win elections, hands down and simple as that.

There is no question that Schumer, Pelosi and Biden want this bill to become law so that the GOP will never win another election again. Let’s hope that the Republicans along with a few moderates can stop this bill in its tracks.

What do you think about this power grab disguised as a bill from the Democrats? Your comments would be appreciated!




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