Ted Cruz Blows Obamagate Wide Open: Biden and Obama ‘Personally Directed the Political Persecution’

During a hearing today Ted Cruz blows Obamagate wide open, fingering Obama and Biden as personally directing the political persecution of President DOnald Trump.

I don’t think anyone in this committee is going to suggest that Peter Strzok was some secret Republican operative. The guy despised Donald Trump and his own notes say Joe Biden and Barack Obama personally directed the political persecution and targeting.”

“Anyone who cares about the Department of Justice should be outraged,” Cruz said in part.

Watch the whole thing, via CSPAN:

Ted Cruz is right about all of this.

This is the biggest political scandal in American history. Barack Obama and Joe Biden spied on a opposing political campaign and then mounted a coup against his successor.

Rush Transcript:

CRUZ: “Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I intend to support Senator Lee and Senator Durbin’s bill. I think it is a good bill. I’m co-sponsoring the bill. A number of our Democratic colleagues in this hearing and in previous hearings have gone on at considerable length casting aspersions at Attorney General William Barr.

I want to express, for my opinion, I think that those accusations are entirely ill-founded. In my judgment, Attorney General Barr has done an extraordinary job as attorney general. I’m glad he’s going to be testifying next month.

I look forward to that testimony. I’m sure we’ll see lots of fireworks and lots of presidential politics playing out at that hearing. But I think Bill Barr answered the call to serve as attorney general when he didn’t need to; he already served as attorney general, he already made a whole bunch of money in the private sector, he had a very happy life.

And he got a call that he didn’t want, to return to the job that he did 30 years ago, at a time when Department of Justice was in crisis. And the job he has done is restoring accountability to the Department of Justice. And he did so knowing he would be demonized, knowing he would be pilloried by politicians, by the press. And he stood up for the rule of law regardless.



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