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Teachers Give ADHD Student a Trophy: They Pay a Huge Price For It

 Teachers Give ADHD Student a Trophy: They Pay a Huge Price For It

Two teachers thought it would be fun to humiliate a student that suffers from ADHD. (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)  So during awards day, they presented the student with a trophy labeling her as the one least likely to pay attention.

Needless to say her mother was pissed and she complained to the school.  It’s too late in the school year to fire the teachers but the principal announced that neither teacher would be returning next year.

 Usually when kids come home from school with end-of-the-year awards, parents are proud and happy.

But when Nicole Edwards got an eyeful of her 14-year-old daughter’s award last week from Memorial Middle School in Conyers, Georgia, she was furious.

Edwards’ daughter has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder — and she was given a trophy with a plaque that read “Most Likely to Not Pay Attention.”

The eighth-grader got the award during a school assembly May 16 — and two teachers were directly involved in bestowing it, WAGA-TV reported.

Edwards told the station that her daughter was initially voted “Most likely to ask a question that has already been answered,” which she told WAGA was inappropriate — and then seeing the “Most Likely to Not Pay Attention” plaque made her angrier.

She told the station what her daughter experienced was “humiliating” and “very derogatory.”

“You guys are calling me when you’re having problems with her in school, when you’re having problems with her not paying attention or not getting it, and then you give her an award for it,” Edwards told WAGA. “Why call me to discipline her, but yet you turn around and give her an award for it, it doesn’t make sense.”

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