Teacher Wins Huge Settlement From Ultra PC School

A teacher was assaulted at her school three times by students.  Once it was so bad she asked the principal to move him into another classroom.  He turned her down, telling her to put on her big girl panties and get over it.

The school did not notify the police during any of the assaults.  Furthermore, she was fired when she made an official complaint.  She filed a lawsuit in 2015 and she just received a settlement of $197,500.

 According to court documents, the first incident occurred in January 2015 when she was injured after being assaulted by one of the students in her classroom. After Andrews decided to file assault charges against the student, she asked a principal to remove the student from her class and was allegedly told by the principal to “put her big girl panties on and deal with it.”

The lawsuit also states that two months after Andrews was assaulted, she was hit in the face while attempting to break up a fight between two students. Although the two students were suspended for fighting, they were not charged with assault.

In an incident that was recorded by video surveillance cameras in May 2015, Andrews was allegedly “body checked” by a student, which injured Andrews’ neck and caused her to miss time from work, she claims.

The student who allegedly injured her was not disciplined for hitting Andrews, even after Andrews asked the administration to document the incidents that occurred, something in which the lawsuit says is required by law.

When Andrews returned to work, she wrote a letter to district officials — including the superintendent — saying her supervisors were “retaliating against her” and that the school was not documenting the incidents involving her, the outlet said.

At first the school board indicated in May 2015 that it would renew Andrews’ contract, NJ.com said, citing the complaint. But she alleged that after she sent her letter to district officials, the principal told Andrews that her contract renewal was rescinded, the outlet said.

The Bridgeton School District did not immediately return a request for comment, NJ.com said.

H/T The Blaze and NJ.com


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