Teacher Snared For having Lesbian Affair With 17 Year Old Student

Diana Wendel, 42, has been arrested after it was learned that for the past 2 or 3 months, she has been having a sexual affair with a 17 year old female student from the all-girls Catholic school  Ramona Convent Secondary School in Alhambra, California.  Police believe there could be more victims as Wendel has been a teacher at the school for the past 18 years.  A relative found a racy text message and contacted one of the girl’s parents, who in turn called the police.

 The sexual contact allegedly took place on the school’s campus in Wendel’s car.

Police said the girl’s father alerted them to the situation after being made aware of a graphic text message on Tuesday night.

‘A concerned relative of the female victim actually discovered the sexually graphic text messages and obviously alerted the parent who in turn came to the police department to report this,’ Alhambra Police Sgt. Steven Carr told ABC7.

‘It appears there was some unlawful sexual contact between the 42-year-old suspect and the 17-year-old minor over the course of perhaps the past two to three months.’

Wendel, who also uses the surname Yniguez, was the alleged victim’s math teacher last year.

She was arrested for child molestation and contacting a minor for the purpose of committing sex crimes.

Authorities were concerned there may be more alleged victims given Wendel has been a teacher at various Los Angeles schools for 18 years.

H/T The Mail Online

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