Teacher Sentenced to 2 Years After Sharing Racy Photos With 8 Students

Jaclyn McLaren, 36, a teacher at Tweed Elementary School has been convicted and sentenced to 2 years in prison for sending nude photos to eight students, 6 of whom were her pupils.  She was also accused of giving oral sex to two of the boys and having intercourse with a third victim just after his 18th birthday.  In her defense, she claimed a couple of boys found nude photos on her phone and used that to blackmail her into sending more pictures.  Some of the students were as young as thirteen.  She will then be on probation for two years during which time she is not allowed to be on social media and cannot hang out at school playgrounds or any other place that underage boys might be expected to hang out.

 The court heard that the incidents began after a male student found nude photos of her while using her phone in class – allegedly starting a blackmail scheme that ended with her sleeping with several students, CBC reported.

None of the victims are being identified, under Canadian law.

The court heard that the boy showed the nude pictures to his friends during her French class at Tweed Elementary School.

It was alleged that after McLaren, who also goes by the name Jaclyn Jones, asked him to give the phone back to her, one of the boys demanded more pictures in exchange for their silence.

She admitted to sending photos of her breasts in 2014 to one of the boys, who was then 13, using Snapchat.

Another boy said he also received pictures on Snapchat in the summer of 2014, when he was 14, but McLaren said those photos were sent the following year.
McLaren admitted that she later met both boys on a local trail, where she drank beer with them and took them back to her car, where she ‘fondled and kissed’ them.

She then performed oral sex on both boys, she said. It was unclear how long after the pictures this incident occurred.

A third student said that McLaren started sending nude photos of herself to him when he was 15, and that when he turned 18 she had sex with him at her home.

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