Teacher Caught in Backseat With Student..”I Was Mentoring Him”

A teacher was caught in the backseat of her car with a former student age 15, naked from the waist down by police.  The teacher told the police that she was mentoring the student in the middle of the night and then she changed her story and said the boy was trying to seduce her.  According to the student, she was driving him home before she stopped and started kissing him.  He said that they had sex and after she put her clothes on she began performing a sex act on him.  She has been placed under arrest in Tamarac, Florida.  Did I mention this was at 2:00 AM?

 Authorities say Pamela Stigger denied having sexual contact with the boy and said he was ‘attempting to seduce her’ when police approached the car.
She told officers ‘she was only trying to mentor him’, according to her arrest report.

The boy told police that Stigger was driving him home when she pulled the car over and allegedly started kissing him.

He said Stigger told him to get into the back seat and claims they took off their clothes and had sex.

The drama teacher then got dressed and was allegedly performing a sexual act on the boy when she was caught.

Stigger is a teacher at Forest Glen Middle School and police say she had previously been the victim’s teacher. She has been working in the Broward County Schools district since 2008, NBC Miami reports.

She was charged with two counts of sexual battery and one count of lewd conduct.

Stigger faced court on Friday and bail was set at $37,500. She was ordered to wear an ankle monitor and is banned from contacting the victim.

H/T The Mail Online

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