Teacher Busted Kissing Student On CCTV, Then Bribing The Student With Candy [VIDEO]


A teacher in Boca Raton has been arrested for inappropriately touching one of his students.

Brian Kornbluth, 29-year-old, who was a teacher at Somerset Academy Boca Raton was arrested February 17 and was charged with two counts of simple battery.

Kornbluth was accused of kissing two students at Somerset Academy in Boca Raton. Reports say he kissed a 10-year-old, fifth-grade boy on February 9 in an empty classroom at Somerset Academy. The boy’s sister later made claims that he hugged and kissed her.

Detectives with the Child Protection Team interviewed the student, as well as his sister, who also had claimed Kornbluth kissed her once during the previous school year.

After his arrest, police said they caught Kornbluth on one occasion on camera and say he lured one of the students with gummy bears.

“The principal explained that a teacher told him of unusual requests by Kornbluth to have certain students moved so they could attend his class,” said Boca Raton Police. “All classrooms have video surveillance and the principal immediately had the camera in Kornbluth’s classroom repositioned so it faced the teacher’s desk.”

Kristine Rosendahl, Kornbluth’s attorney, admits to the allegations against Kornbluth, he claims the boy initiated the peck. Her explanation for it is that the boy had familiarity with Kornbluth as it turns out Kornbluth had babysat the boy once.

Kornbluth will now serve a year of probation.

In exchange for the battery charge plea, court records show the state dropped the simple battery charge against him.

“I don’t blame the school, it could be any other school,” said parent Maria Pinaud. “Because this school is great. I have nothing bad to tell about the school. It’s a wonderful school, just a bad teacher.”

Kornbluth admitted to police that he kissed the boy but denied kissing his sister.

Source: Daily Mail


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