Teacher Arrested and Fired Over Illicit Affair With Student

Tiana Sanchez, a math teacher and head volleyball coach at Silver High School in New Mexico was arrested on charges of criminal sexual penetration of a minor.  Sanchez allegedly had sex with the boy on multiple occasions and shared explicit photos and texts with him.  She was exposed after the boy’s mother checked his phone for messages.  She then called the police, who arrested Sanchez.

 The arrest came a week after the victim’s mother contacted the authorities saying she was concerned about a possible inappropriate relationship between her teenage son and his teacher, reported Silver City Daily Press.

She also handed police her son’s phone, suspecting the device contained messages and images of a sexual nature.

When interviewed by police, the boy allegedly admitted that he had sex with Sanchez four times within the past month.

He also confirmed that the pair had exchanged text messages and sexually explicit photos, some of which were stored on the boy’s phone, police stated.

Sanchez was booked into the Grant County Detention Center Thursday evening and was released an hour later after posting $5,000 bond.

In her booking photo released by the state police, Sanchez appears to have a black eye, although it is unclear how she got that bruise.

Silver Schools Superintendent Audie Brown stated earlier this week that Sanchez was no longer employed at the school.

As of Friday afternoon, Sanchez’ name was no longer listed in the staff directory on the school’s official website, but there was still an empty webpage under the name ‘Mrs Tiana Sanchez,’ suggesting that the 31-year-old ex-teacher is married.

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