Teacher Arrested After Taking Special Needs Student Into Private Room To Do The Unimaginable [VIDEO]

A 35-year-old special education teacher in Austin, Texas is now facing charges for allegedly biting a student.

The incident happened at Cook Elementary School when the assistant principal notified police about a 9-year-old student that got bitten by , a special education teacher.



“Why would you bite my child? She goes to school to be safe” said the mother of the victim, Librada Henry.

According to local police, Williams removed Henry’s daughter from her class because she was behaving and interrupting the whole class. Williams then took the student in the hallway where the girl began flailing her arms, after which, she took the girl into a conference room across the classroom.

A school faculty member who reported to the authorities that she heard a scream and looked through the conference room door. She said she could hear the student screaming, “You bit me, you bit me.” According to Williams, she was standing behind the student when the girl pushed her left arm up, and in the scuffle the girl said Williams bit her on the arm.

“Why would you bite a child? You’re a teacher. A part of this program to teach, to control them. To help them not have behaviors like that, and you bite her”, said Henry, “She will start screaming, hollering, she shouts if someone’s going back and forth with her. So they have to isolate her from everyone.”

The girl’s mother admits to her daughter having behavioral problems but stressed out that the special education teacher should not have bit her.

According to court documents, a nurse practitioner as Dell Children’s Hospital Child Abuse Resource and Education analyzed photos of the bite mark on the girl’s arm using a special forensic filtering process, allowing the nurse practitioner to determine the bite injury was intentional.

Henry says there needs to be more training done to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. “Why would you do that to a child? There’s no telling what you did to someone else.”

After the incident Williams was placed on administrative leave. She has been charged with injury to a child which followed her resigning from her position.

Source: Fox 7


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