Teacher Admits Sex With Boy, 13, But Says he Forced Himself on Her

Justine Nelson a thirty year old teacher from California was just informed by a judge that there was sufficient evidence to try her for sex with a boy starting when he was 13.  Nelson tried to convince the judge that the thirteen year old boy had forced himself on her and used their relationship to blackmail her into continuing it.  That excuse flew like a  lead balloon and now she is being held over for trial.

The poor victim who was traumatized by the teacher with copious amounts of sex, said that when he was thirteen, Nelson asked him why he never talked to her and then told him he was cute.  She sent him naked pictures and soon they were in a sexual relationship.  The police began investigating Nelson when they found naked pictures of her on the internet.

 A former California teacher is facing a slew of charges related to allegations that she committed sex acts with a 13-year-old student. KFSN reports that, on Tuesday, a judge ruled that there was enough evidence for 30-year-old Justine Nelson to stand trial.

Police initially began an investigation when nude photos of Nelson appeared on social media. Fresno Police Officer Malcolm Walls stated that during the investigation the youth told him that Nelson “walked up to him one day and asked him why he never talked to her and said that he was cute.”

The boy also told investigators that he was 13-years-old when their illicit meetings began. Walls noted that the boy was afraid because Nelson told him that “if he [told anybody], it would ruin her family life and his sports career.”

According to KFSN, she admitted to a number of “sex acts” but said that student forced himself on her, even accusing him of threatening to ruin her career. Investigators noted that her story changed on a number of occasions and she eventually divulged a number of incriminating details about their relationship. She could face up to 14 years in prison if she’s convicted.

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