Tattooed Thug Who Shot At Police Officer Says 3 Words, Judge Wipes Smirk Off His Face

An Oregon man had three shocking words in court before being sentenced to prison for shooting at police officers and taking a Subway employee hostage.

Jeffrey Giddings was sentenced to 30 years in prison after an incident in August 2016 that began when police stopped him while he was riding a bike. After they began to talk to Giddings, officers discovered that there was a warrant out for his arrest. Suddenly, Giddings began shooting at them and Sgt. Lee Jundt was hit in his vest.

In court, Jundt spoke to Giddings directly.

“You, Mr. Giddings, are a coward and a selfish individual, beyond comparison. May you be in torment for the rest of your life,” Jundt said. “I forgive you for your actions that day, but rest assured, I will never forget.”

Giddings also took Subway restaurant employee Liz Mincer hostage for two hours. Mincer was eventually rescued when SWAT officers shot through the window and hit Giddings.

“I have my good days and bad days,” Mincer said. “He changed me. He changed my life.” Though Giddings expressed no remorse during Jundt’s appearance, he did apologize to Mincer.

“I just want to say I am truly sorry for the mental anguish I put you through,” he said, KPTV reported. “I feel real bad for what I did to you and I think about it every day. I hope you can forgive me.”

Giddings doubled down on his emotionless response to Jundt’s injuries and statement by first telling him that he wasn’t a coward and then taking the opportunity to send a profane message.

“And to the rest of law enforcement,” he said in court before turning to a camera, “Fuck the police. Thank you. That’s all I have to say.”

Giddings received an extra 30 days in prison for using profanity in court. Many readers called for Giddings to be sentenced to death for his crime against police.

“If you shoot at an officer of the law. It should be manditory the penalty should be death. The prisons are filled to the brim with scumbags such as this one. I as a tax payer am fed up with the bullshit appeal system. To allow this savage to hang out for 30 plus years on our dime,” one reader commented on Facebook.

“This piece of shit should have been given the only thing he understands. Street justice. He should have never made it to court. Now tax payers get to support this useless piece of humanity for the rest of his life,” another wrote.

“Another drain on society, if he does his entire sentence he’ll be what, almost 70? He looks to be in his 30,s he will get out and automatically be set up on social security ,food stamps,section 8 housing etc, etc! Long drop from a short rope! Problem solved!” another added.

Sean Maddox

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