Talk of President Trump Forming The “Patriot Party” Heat Up & We Have The Proof It’s For REAL

Since Biden was installed as “president” last Wednesday, there are people wondering what is the next step for the 80 million people who voted for President Trump.

The country has seen with their own eyes that the majority of the Republican party no longer speaks for them and are willing to sell us out for the crumbs the demonic Democrats throw to them. For weeks, leading up to Trump leaving the White House many Americans have thought that there could be some shake-ups coming to our political landscape. One of those ideas was that Trump could possibly start his own news network or social media platform but there may be something bigger on the horizon.

In a newly discovered FEC filing that was made just two days ago, a “Patriot Party” with DONALD J. TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT, INC. listed on the organization statement popped up.

Here is a screenshot from the link and you can follow the link and see it for yourself.

From OANN:

President Trump appears to be keeping politics on the horizon with talks of forming his own political party.

On Tuesday, reports said the President discussed forming a so-called “Patriot party” with some of his top aides and supporters. Traditionally, third parties have failed to gain steam in challenging both the Democrat and Republican parties. However, due to his large base of supporters and the record number of people who voted for him in 2020, many believe President Trump has what it takes to carry on the movement.

According to Politico, he spent days calling his close advisors to ask what he needs to do to “stay part of the conversation.” In his ‘farewell address,’ the President hinted at his future political career by saying the ‘MAGA movement’ is only just beginning.

“As I conclude my term as the 45th President of the United States, I stand before you truly proud of what we have achieved together,” President Trump stated. “We did what we came here to do and so much more.”

The idea also came into play as some Republicans, including Mitch McConnell, broke with the President and placed blame on him for the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

However, recent polls showed the President still has strong support among voters and the GOP. While President Trump has not officially commented on the idea — and it remains unclear if and when the plan would come together — some have voiced concern the new party would draw voters away from the Republican party.

Nonetheless, President Trump remains committed to the American people.

Now, that this link has been discovered it appears that Trump is ready to push forward and continue fighting for the American people! I don’t know about you but this excites me so much and I really hope you feel the same way too.

The Republican party no longer speaks for us and they never will. They have decided which bed to lie in and you can tell a lot about the company they keep. All they want is power and not to do what is right for the American people.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to take our country back?



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