Swedish Music Festival Disbands Over Sexual Assaults By Muslims

Sweden is the epitome of political correctness.  At a music festival held in Bråvalla there were 32 reports of rape and sexual assault.  The only description given is that they were men of  from “foreign country.”  In fact, Sweden only deports one out of every five rapists or those committing sexual assaults.  That is an abysmal record and explains how the country went from the safest country for women to the rape capitol of Europe.

In 2016 five Muslims took turns raping a boy under the age of fifteen.  Not one of them were deported because the judge decided their home countries were “too dangerous.”  Those countries are less dangerous with these five in Sweden.

Now all of those rapes and sexual assaults are closing the Bråvalla Festival, the largest music festival in all of Sweden.  The organizers say there is just no way to cut down on all of the assaults taking place.  Their government favors Muslim rapists over the safety of their own citizens and their newspapers give the criminals cover so no one can accuse them of racism.

“It’s not that we can’t handle the problem or that the problem only exists at festivals, it’s about taking a stand,” Kajsa Apelqvist, the festival’s head of communications told Aftonbladet.

Prime Minister Stefan Lofven called for a wider effort to stop sexual assaults at festivals and concerts.

“I get so upset and we need to stop this,” Lofven said Sunday. “We’re demanding police get better at solving these types of crimes. We’re also looking at ways to increase video surveillance.”

British band Mumford & Sons vowed to boycott the festival after being one of the headliners in 2016.

“We won’t play at this festival again until we’ve had assurances from the police and organizers that they’re doing something to combat what appears to be a disgustingly high rate of reported sexual violence,” the band said on its Facebook page after the 2016 festival.

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