Suspect Flips Car After 95 MPH Chase Then Fights Cop With 2 Year Old Daughter [VIDEO]

Some criminals are even more vile than the average slimeball.  (Examples: Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch and Barack Obama)  A&E had a cop show being recorded when a driver failed to yield to an emergency vehicle with it’s lights flashing.  He led the police on a chase that reached 95 MPH before he flipped his car.

When he got out of the car, he tried to fight the police with his 2 year old daughter dangling from one arm.  He eventually put the child down and he was handcuffed after back up officers arrived at the scene.  He is facing a multitude of charges.

 The clip begins with police already in pursuit of Martin, after authorities were alerted to a report of gunshots and Martin fled the scene, reported The State.

Officers communicate through radio and report that Martin took a left turn, and the camera shows a car flipping in the distance.

As they approach the scene, the car is seen upside down and two officers emerge from their squad car, shouting ‘don’t you move!’
Martin climbs out from the driver’s window with his daughter in his arms.

Richland County Deputy Chris Mastrianni tries to restrain Martin by wrapping his arms around the man, but Martin attempts to fight him off.

The two men struggle with one another while Martin is holding his flailing daughter with one arm, with Mastrianni shouting his concern for the child.

The officer is heard saying, ‘That’s your baby!’ and ‘Let go of the baby!’

Finally, Mastrianni manages to get Martin to safely let go of the child and the two continue to wrestle with one another while Martin is visibly upset.

Other officers arrive to the scene to handcuff Martin, and Mastrianni walks back over to check on the condition of the child.

Dan Abrams, the host of the show, later tweeted: ‘I’ve done a lot of live television but tonight’s #livepd was definitely one of the most emotionally draining. Ever.’

H/T The Mail Online

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