Suspect Detained By Police, Poops In Police Car, Eats It, Spits It At Officers

A man made a real mess when police tried to arrest him on an open warrant. What he has done inside the police car is terribly disgusting.

The Richmond police detained the man at 6:30 p.m. after receiving a call about him walking around the North Richmond area, the police wrote on Facebook.

The suspect gave police a false name, which happened to belong to another man who was also wanted for an arrest warrant. It was also found out that the man is on a parole.

When the suspect realized he was about to be arrested for another person’s warrant, he gave his real name. But then he learned there was an arrest warrant for himself as well, and he was taken into custody for the warrant and for false impersonation.

While transporting the man to the county jail in Martinez, he moved his handcuffed hands to the front of his body, undressed, and started throwing his clothes out of the police car onto the freeway.

“As soon as the officers realized the suspect was throwing his clothes out of the police car, they also realized he had just defecated, started to eat his feces and spat feces at the officers,” the Richmond police said. “The officers immediately pulled over on I-80 and asked for assistance.”

Additional police officers were called to help subdue the man, helped the officers shut down the freeway, and take him to county jail.

The police department concluded, “Thankfully no police officers were hurt and were ‘cleared of any biohazards.”


Sources: The Daily Wire Photo Credit: Facebook/The Richmond Police Department

Sean Maddox

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