Surfer Gets Shark Scare For the 2nd Time in Three Years [VIDEO]

It seems to me that a person is lucky if they escape a shark just once but it appears to me you wouldn’t invite a second try.  But that’s just what happened to Mick Fanning.

After escaping a shark back in 2015 by punching the shark in the nose, Fanning was back at it on the water in the famous Jeffreys Bay in South Africa.  His recent encounter wasn’t as close but how close does a shark attack have to be to scare you out of your wits?

 One champion surfer can’t get enough surfing the waters off the beach at South Africa’s famed Jeffreys Bay — even though it has led to two separate encounters with great white sharks, either one of which easily could have been fatal, and one of which very nearly was.

Mick Fanning was pulled out of the water for the second time in two years Wednesday after a three-meter shark was spotted near him and surfer Gabriel Medina. Both surfers were extracted safely from the water; however, there was nothing safe about Fanning’s 2015 encounter.

In 2015, a massive shark was caught on camera approaching Fanning from behind, and bumping him off of his board.

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