• June 17, 2024

“Super Drunk” Democrat Lawmaker’s DUI Arrest Caught On Dashcam Video

 “Super Drunk” Democrat Lawmaker’s DUI Arrest Caught On Dashcam Video

48-year-old Democrat MI State Representative Rebekah Warren was caught on a police officer’s dashcam swerving in her vehicle from the center lane to the outside lane where she hit the median wall and bounced back onto the road.

Rep. Warren is pictured below with Michigan’s Democrat Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, who’s been chosen by the Democrat Party to give the official Democrat response to President Trump’s State Of The Union speech on Tuesday night.

The video shows an Auburn Hills, MI police officer questioning Warren, who claims she only had three drinks. When asked when she had the drinks, the Democrat Representative responded, “A minute ago.”

Detroit Free Press – The video, obtained by WXYZ (Channel 7) through a public records request, captures the representative, D-Ann Arbor, swerving before hitting the guardrail as the police vehicle approached.

Officers asked Warren to perform a standard field sobriety test, which she fails. She then refused a field breathalyzer test. Warren was taken to a hospital nearby for a blood alcohol test, which showed her blood alcohol content was .212, nearly three times the legal 0.08 limit, according to WXYZ.

After putting everyone’s lives in danger around her, Warren attempted to paint herself as a victim, as she admonished the lawmakers saying, “You have a lot of friends with you. I am the only lady here. I am the only lady. There are a bunch of guys and I’m all alone.”

The Democrat lawmaker can also be seen complaining about having to perform the sobriety test with 5″ heels, asking the male police officer if he could do the same thing?

Warren was also heard bragging about her status in her Ann Arbor, MI community.


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