• April 18, 2024

Study Says Republicans Get Laid More Than Democrats

 Study Says Republicans Get Laid More Than Democrats

I’m not surprised by this or by the fact that democrats are much more likely to cheat on their partner.  Independents get laid more than either party but are as big into cheating as the democrats.  Evidently they aren’t good at cheating either because even with the extramarital affairs republicans still get more.

 It turns out that Republicans are having sex more frequently than Democrats, a study published Monday revealed.

The study, conducted by Professor Nicholas H. Wolfinger, examined the sex lives of Democrats, Republicans and Independents. Independents and Republicans are more likely to have sex at least once a week than their Democrat peers, the study showed.

“This finding left me curious about how specific components of relational bliss might be affected by political leanings. The answer is surprising: Republicans have more sex than Democrats and cheat less on their spouses. Political independents have sex even more often than Republicans but cheat at the same rate Democrats do,” Wolfinger, a University of Utah professor, explained in the Institute for Family Studies report.

Wolfinger based his study on a question from the General Social Survey, asking respondents “about how often did you have sex during the last 12 months?” Wolfinger found that Independents are 22 percent more likely to have weekly sex than Democrats, while Republicans are 11 percent more likely after controlling for age, sex, ethnicity and year the survey was taken.

“The results show that independents and Republicans are, respectively, 22% and 11% more likely to have weekly sex compared to Democrats (in other words, independents have the most sex and Democrats have the least). The absolute differences in sexual frequency aren’t large — only a few percentage points — but they are large enough to be statistically significant,” Wolfinger explained.

H/T The Daily Caller


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