Story Of 7yo Boy Who Grew Out Hair For Cancer Patients Takes Sad Turn [VIDEO]

A boy that grew his hair for 2 years so that he can donate it to cancer patients has been diagnosed with cancer. Vinny Desautels spent two years growing out his hair despite being mocked by other children so that he could donate his hair to cancer patients. “I want to help people, so they don’t have to go to the doctors to fight cancer,” Vinny said. The boy did not care even though other children teased him that he looked like a girl. Vinny’s father who is a combat veteran said, “During that time, he was mistaken for a girl many times, but Vinny took it like a champ and was like, ‘Nah, I’m a boy.’”

Shortly after Vinny cut off his blond hair to donate, he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Based on the reports, Vinny came home from school complaining of knee pain. He was then taken to a hospital for check-up but the doctors discovered he had a growth around his hips.

The original assumptions of the doctors regarding his case was only an allergy, but when they saw a bone growing around his eye and right cheek they are worried that two issues may be linked. Doctors say they are still checking what kind of cancer Vinny has. In addition to Vinny’s medical expenses, they are also expecting another child. Sue and Ron Desautels, Grandparents of Vinny set up a GoFundMe account under the name “VICTORY for VINNY” to help the family. They expect to raise $100,000.

They wrote on the page:

“Our precious grandson, Vinny Desautels, is fighting a battle that no child should have to fight – the fight against cancer. He recently donated his hair to ‘wigs for kids with cancer’. Even though he was teased throughout the 2 years of growing his hair out, it didn’t deter him from his mission, to help a child in need.

There are many more tests ahead and they’re in the hospital for an undetermined amount of time. Over the next days, weeks, and months ahead they will need to be at countless doctor appointments, hospital stays and surgeries. As you can imagine the normal costs of everyday living… such as rent, food, gas, car, etc… the medical costs can be astronomical. This will enable Vinny’s parents be able to concentrate on Vinny getting well and fighting this wicked disease called cancer.”

H/T: Daily Mail,

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