• April 17, 2024

Stepmom Treats Boys So Horrifically One Young Boy Has Been Diagnosed With PTSD

 Stepmom Treats Boys So Horrifically One Young Boy Has Been Diagnosed With PTSD

A Texas woman allegedly made her stepchildren lick toilets covered in feces and forcing them to vomit as punishment is facing a new allegation of child abuse. One of the victims has been diagnosed with PTSD after she did something to his genitals.

Twenty-five-year-old Sara Anne Woody has racked up nearly 30 charges for abusing her three stepsons.

Sara Anne Woody and Jonathan Darrell Woody

The newest is a felony-level charge of “injury to a child with serious bodily or mental injury.” The boy was diagnosed with PTSD after Woody beat his genitals repeatedly as a punishment for wetting the bed.

The boys, ages 12 and 7, told authorities that their stepmother forced them to lick the rim of a toilet bowl covered in human waste when she thought they had lied, according to the arrest warrant affidavit.
The affidavit also says she forced the boys to drink an apple cider vinegar concoction to make them throw up the food she accused them of stealing from their family.

When he first saw the 12-year-old, Burkburnett Police Detective Donald Osborn said, he thought he was 7 or 8 because of how small he was.

One of the boys told authorities that his stepmother would also sit in her recliner with a paddle or tent pole in hand and force him to do push-ups. If he dropped, he said, she would repeatedly hit him on the back of his head and all down his body, according to Dallas News.

Investigations into the North Texas stepmom began in March 2016, when one of the children visited a Wichita Falls hospital for a lip injury. During a forensic interview with police, the victim said his stepmother hit him with a metal spoon several times.

Jonathan Darrell Woody, the boys’ father, tried to tell investigators that the injuries on his son were from “playing,” but authorities found them to be more consistent with an assault. This ultimately led to a more in-depth investigation and the eventual arrest of both parents.

Sara Woody is currently pregnant. Her original bond was set at $3 million but was later reduced. She bonded out of Archer County Jail on Friday, and her case is still pending. The boys, along with three other children who were living in Woody’s home, have been placed with family members.

Both Sara Anne and Jonathan Darrell Woody should be kept far away from children for the rest of their lives. While Sara was the one who abused her stepsons physically and mentally, Jonathan was aware of the abuse his boys were suffering at the hands of his wife the entire time. Yet, he did absolutely nothing to put a stop to it. Then, he made matters even worse by attempting to lie to investigators, which makes him just as bad as his sick wife.

To most, victimizing a child the way Sara Anne Woody did would be unimaginable, but it was something she repeated on a daily basis. This woman truly is a monster, and she should never be given the opportunity to repeat her sick crimes again. We can only hope that as soon as she gives birth to the baby she is carrying, he or she is removed from her care before that child suffers a similar fate as his or her half-siblings were forced to endure.

Article Sources: Mad World News, Mad World News/Facebook, Dallas News Photo Credit: Mad World News

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