• June 25, 2024

Star of “Breaking Amish” Has a Sinful New Profession [SLIDESHOW]

 Star of “Breaking Amish” Has a Sinful New Profession [SLIDESHOW]

Kate Stoltzfus–now Kate Stoltz, former star of “Breaking Amish” has left the farm and has embarked on a new career that her father definitely disapproves of. Her exposure to the reality series and everything that comes with it made the prospect of continuing in the life for eternity proved to be too much and when she was offered a job modeling lingerie, she jumped at it.

 Stoltz has ditched the traditional Amish gown–or all dresses for that matter–and is stripping down for her newest career that has caused controversy in her former community. Stoltz appeared, back in 2012, on the reality television show shedding some light onto just what it takes to live in an Amish community.

She explains that everything is very strict within the community, including garment requirements, that if violated, could get you in trouble. She gives the example of the band on her bonnet saying that if too wide, it could cause trouble for the woman.

Since that time however, it seems that the width of her bonnet band is the least of her worries–that is if she ever decides she wants to come back–as she seems to care little for clothes in general anymore. Stoltz has taken up a life in the modeling world, showing off not just any type of clothes, but lingerie.

As it is strictly forbidden to take photos of oneself within the Amish community, as it represents “vanity”–a sin within her former community. You can imagine the shock when it was revealed that she was not only taking pictures of herself, but doing so showing off much of her body in skimpy clothing.

Add all this to the fact that her father is a bishop within the Amish community and not too many people are pleased with Stoltz’s career choice. She explains about her parents that, “They know what I am doing but they… avoid the subject.”

According to the Daily Mail, “Stoltz has been signed by Major Model Management and has since taken part in magazine shoots – including for Maxim – and at New York Fashion Week, modeling designs by Cesar Galindo.”


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