Spoiled Daughter Kills Her Parents For One Very Disgusting Reason [VIDEO]

Robert Simpson, 66-year-old, was shot by his daughter Brittany Simpson, 31-year-old. Simpson was then arrested and charged with murder and possession of a firearm during a violent crime.

The local authorities in Mount Pleasant responded to a residence on Saturday Road after a 911 call was placed shortly after 6 a.m. by Brooke Simpson, the daughter of the deceased.

Responding officers on scene said they arrived to the doorway of the family’s residence and found a large pool of blood.

According to the legal documents, Brittany Simpson was sitting with her mother and sister, Brooke, in the courtyard of their home when the responding officers arrived. That is when Brittany told her family members that she just arrived back from the gym and she noticed their back door was open. Brittany claimed she ran after someone on the dock as she accused her mother of not locking the doors.

They then separated Brittany from her mother, Susan Simpson. Brittany Simpson then kept asking an officer on scene multiple times if her father was dead.

Susan told officers that she had woken up to a loud that she described as “pop, pop, pop”, and the sound of  Mr. Simpson yelling in which she responded to, after which she ran downstairs to find a pool of blood coming out from under the door but did not see her husband after hearing the alleged gunshots. Mrs. Simpson believes there weren’t any guns in the house.

Simpson insisted she was’t at the residence during the time of the shooting. She told officers she was swimming at the I’On club pool but it was later confirmed that she swimming from 3:29 a.m. until 4:44 a.m. Simpson was seen, through a surveillance video, leaving the gym a few minutes after 5 a.m.

Brooke Simpson, the victim’s daughter, told officers that Brittany was given a 24-hour notice to leave the residence which gives her the motive to hurt her own father.

The family called Chelsea Simpson, Mr. Simpson’s daughter, to the scene and began to tell the officers that Brittany did it. She reported that Brittany is unstable, according to reports.

A neighbor told officers that they saw a woman running towards their family pool before running back into the Simpson’s home minutes before the local police arrived.

The local authorities found a 9mm pistol, and a green bag containing a pink T-shirt and Nike shorts, which according to court documents is the clothes that Brittany wore before her father was shot dead.

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