Southern Women Fight In Walmart Parking Lot, Bully Suffers Humiliating Wardrobe Malfunction [VIDEO]

A video of two women having a brawl in a parking lot outside of a Wal-Mart has been going viral after one of the women suffered a shocking wardrobe malfunction in front of everybody.

In a clip of the brawl, a woman can standing in front of a car in a Walmart parking lot confronting another woman.

At the beginning of the footage, the two girls are seen arguing over something that isn’t quite clear. One of the girls, who is called “Alexis” by what appears to be the person filming the incident, is taunting and demanding the blonde girl inside the truck to “step the f*ck out the truck and get your *ss whooped like a m*ther f*ckin’ woman.”

As the blonde girl in the truck continues to laugh at her brunette nemesis, another bystander is heard provoking the situation by saying, “Alexis, you’re so crazy.” As the clip continues, Alexis says, “She don’t wanna get out the truck, cuz she knows she gonna get her *ss beat, ain’t that some sh*t, ya’ll,” according to the video posted to Twitter. These two really do make it hard not to find an element of “trailer park trash” with their behavior.

The bully Alexis continues threatening the other girl in the truck, “If I don’t do it today, I will hunt you down. Come on, step the f*ck out the truck.” This is when the blonde girl should have said nothing and left.

As Alexis opens the truck door, the blonde steps out and is soon left regretting her words as she says, “All right, all right, beat my *ss.” Things in this video, which was also posted on LiveLeak, just get more and more tragic.

They immediately start hitting each other, and the fight quickly ends up on the ground. As the two women begin fighting and rolling around, the woman in the purple rips off the other woman’s tank top, exposing her breasts to the whole parking lot.

Many readers expressed shock towards the fight, but criticized the women for starting a brawl in public.

“o embarrassing for the south to be associated with this. My parents taught us not to hit as toddlers as do I as a mother. This is just disgusting. Women should not act this way and ladies already know better. I’m sure these girls are getting a lot of giggles off this video. One day they will be ashamed of themselves. Especially if one of their daughters ever sees it,” one Mad World News reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“This is just pure white trash. Both are for letting it go this far. The one that started it should have her ass whipped but the one that was in the truck should have just kept her mouth shut and drove off or locked the doors so the other one couldn’t open the door. I hope the first one gets what’s coming to her for starting this but again this is just white trash all around,” another wrote.

“That is the worst possible way to settle an argument! Reminds me of cavemen of days long gone! Seeing these girls act like this should be very humiliating for them!” another added.



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