Source: Sean Hannity Goes Into Hiding to Decide Whether to Quit Fox News

A  friend close to Sean Hannity says that the Fox News star has gone into isolation as he tries to decide whether to continue to work for Fox News.  It’s no secret that the two liberal sons of Rupert Murdoch wants Hannity gone but can’t afford to fire him.  It would be a public relations nightmare.  He has stopped answering the phone and has stopped all social media.  He hasn’t posted since Thursday.  Sean Hannity was far from pleased at the firing of Bill Shine.

 Speculation ran wild earlier this week when the network announced Hannity would be taking a mid-week vacation amid controversy over the host’s promotion of unverified reports suggesting a link between murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich and his alleged contact with WikiLeaks. Hannity is currently facing threats of advertiser boycotts from liberal groups like Media Matters. Multiple companies have since pulled ads from “Hannity.”

In response to the rumors, a Fox News spokesperson said Hannity would “be back on Tuesday” after his Memorial Day weekend vacation, and people who “suggest otherwise are going to look foolish.”

But the well-placed source said Hannity has since retreated to isolation — even temporarily “swearing off” social media — while he makes a decision regarding his future at Fox News. Hannity’s last tweet was posted on Thursday afternoon.

“He has stopped answering his phone, and communicating even with his close friends,” the source added.

When we asked Fox News if Hannity’s future at the network was uncertain on their end, a Fox News spokesperson provided the following statement to IJR:

“Hannity has the unequivocal support of Fox News.”

The spokesperson referred us to 21st Century Fox for additional inquiries about corporate leadership.

The source, who possesses intimate knowledge of the internal dealings at Fox News, said Hannity feels like the network failed to sufficiently support him after he came under attack. The source also alleged there may be an active campaign to force him out of the network — led by none other than James Murdoch.



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