• July 16, 2024

Something Hidden In Plain Sight Is Ruining Her Life, Look Closely At Her Face [PHOTO]

 Something Hidden In Plain Sight Is Ruining Her Life, Look Closely At Her Face [PHOTO]

A young woman has made waves on the internet today after asserting during an interview that she has more difficulties finding worthy men because of her good looks than women who aren’t as pretty might. The single mother claims her bad love luck is directly tied to how good looking she is.

Cherelle Neille, 26, a single mother from Manchester, England, made the recent claims in an interview with the Daily Mail. Her argument boils down to this: her beauty is a curse because potential partners refuse to look past her pretty exterior. But it doesn’t just extend to her love-life, it has also damaged her friendships.

The shop assistant, aspiring actress, and Instagram Model with more than 23,000 followers says that her looks intimidate men and that any serious suitors only want to use the woman as arm candy.

The constant objectification, lack of emotional connection, and unfair assumptions by males have caused Neille to give up on love. She wishes she could find a single man who would like her for her character instead of her looks.

“I feel as though plain Janes have it easier because men will actually get to know their personality as their looks are merely average. Whereas for me, it’s always the wrong attention, they never want to see me as a person,” Neille said.

“I am sick of people assuming I am nasty when I am really a lovely person. My looks attract the wrong guys and it has been really hard, now I am completely over men … Plain girls end up with the long lasting relationships and I’m the one kissing all the frogs.”

To make matters worse, the Instagram model receives a near constant stream of harassing and abusive messages online. As a social media influencer, the model is subject to constant objectification from anonymous men who feel obliged to inform her of their longing gazes.

To drive home her point, Neille said, “My last boyfriend just paraded me around to his friends and only cared about having his photo taken with me. No man I’ve met so far is ever actually interested in having a conversation with me … Whenever I am on a date, they only care about what I look like, they never even listen to what I’m saying.”

The Mirror also reports that Neille’s good looks have caused her to lose friendships.

“Girls are jealous too, I only really have one friend … There was this one time I was clubbing with my friend and when we were in the bathroom, loads of girls I didn’t know where complimenting me, my hair and my looks … Then suddenly my friend walked out and left the club, and she hasn’t talked to me since!”

Unfortunately, Neille says many women also send vicious vitriol to her Instagram. “One girl messaged me saying ‘you think you’re so pretty but you’re not, go kill yourself’.”

“I just wish people didn’t judge a book by its cover, because I am not like that.”

As a semi-public personality who uses social media to advance her career, Neille has certainly encountered the worst the internet has to offer. But is she correct about her looks impacting her love life?

Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror 

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