Soccer Player Posts [PHOTOS] Of Finger After Ripping It Off

FHM Irish pro soccer player Kevin McHugh may not have been hit by thousands of electrical currents, but he did experience a freak accident that caused his ring finger to get mangled and ripped off after his wedding ring got caught on a fence. Oh, don’t worry, there are horrific pictures.

CONTENT WARNING: You’ll squirm, look away and may vomit, so don’t look at these without hesitation.

The only positive from this is that he had a sense of humor as he bled with his bone exposed to the hospital. Other than that, so gross, because McHugh doesn’t think docs can save the finger after sustaining “too much damage.”


Scheduled to undergo surgery this morning, let’s he’s wrong and the goalie doesn’t end up looking like Chubbs Peterson’s wooden hand.

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