Snotty Cheerleaders Get Devastating Dose Of Karma After Making Elderly WWII Vets Cry

It’s always wonderful when karma comes calling at the right time, and for one school principal along with his band of bratty cheerleaders, that day came just at the right time. They thought no one would find out about the sick thing they did to World War II veterans, but once the word got out, the backlash was so enormous, it went on to make national news.

On September 30, 12 cheerleaders from Cornell High School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, decided to take a knee during the national anthem. While we’ve gotten used to these disgusting displays of disrespect across our nation lately, there was one small issue with the timing of their protest. Not only were there World War II veterans present at the high school football game serving as the honor guard, but the veterans had been set up by the Superintendent of the school, Aaron Thomas, who invited the veterans to the game, knowing that his cheerleaders were planning the disgusting protest. But Thomas along with his cheerleaders would soon realize they had made the biggest mistake of their lives, as their antics would then go on to backfire in a huge way.

The video set off a social media firestorm, going on to rip apart the small Pittsburgh community. The following Monday, Thomas’ phone line was flooded with irate people from all across America, and within a week, he received over 650 death threats. “Losing his composure” over the video according to one witness at the school, Thomas then reached out to the local media, so he could whine about how Sarah Slayer’s video had made him a victim, then going on to accuse the journalist of piecing together false details about him. It’s “ripped apart our community … ripped apart my household,” said Thomas whined. But in addition to being the most hated man in Pittsburg, Thomas was about to also be proven a liar, which you can see from Slayer’s second video that proves that Thomas knew about his cheerleaders’ planned protest, but did nothing to stop it.

Karma still wasn’t quite done calling however. Due to the massive amount of death threats, police had to be called to be called to do regular patrols around the school, and according to MSN, the school’s homecoming game had to be cancelled “amidst major safety concerns.”

“It elicited passionate reactions from both sides, but particularly from those who felt the protests flied in the face of area veterans who were on hand to serve as the honor guard for the game,” MSN reported. “Critics of the protesters later published a video that trickled on to social media directly calling out the teens and leaving some concerned about their safety at Friday’s game.”

It’s unfortunate that due to the careless actions of this school’s leadership along with 12 bratty high school cheerleaders, the entire school is now having to suffer. While your First Amendment rights do entitle you to be jackass and protest World War II veterans’ sacrifice, don’t be surprised when pissed off Americans respond and put you right back in your place!

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