Sleepy Joe Just Forgot How Long He Was A Senator! [VIDEO]

It is clear to most people that Joe Biden is not playing with a full deck of cards, but that has not stopped the mainstream media from protecting him. At every turn, these so-called journalists are hiding the fact that Biden is floating around somewhere in space and they had the audacity to say Trump was mentally unfit.

It literally makes no sense but this is where we are today and it is a shame that these journalists are not actually reporting but protecting him.

Biden has confused millions with his odd remarks and blunders but his most recent gaffe is incredibly puzzling.

On Thursday’s presidential town hall, it became quite evident that Biden is not all there and that his mental health is in question.

Speaking with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Biden appears to have said “I was a Senator for 370 years.”

Don’t believe it? Watch for yourself:


Here is more from Western Journal:

The exchange began with Cooper asking Biden if he was close to closing a deal on the “Build Back Better” proposal.

“I think so. You know, look, I’ve been a … I was a Senator for 370 years and I was never … I was relatively good at putting together deals.”

Now, it could very well be that Biden was attempting to make a joke at his own expense, exaggerating the facts to poke fun at his old age. The audience did erupt into laughter as soon as he said it.

But, even if that was the case, there’s no way to tell if he was serious or not from listening to his tone.

As Biden spoke, he appeared distant and absentminded, as if he had no idea where he was.

Could this analysis be a bit of a stretch? Could Biden have simply been tired?

Now, it would be easy to dismiss if Biden had not made any other blunders but that is not the case at all.

In fact, he made several others on Thursday night alone.

While addressing a question regarding his administration’s failure to solve supply-chain issues, Biden said the following:

“With 40 percent of all products coming into the United States of America on the West Coast go through, uh, Los Angles and, uh, and, uh, um, uh, um, what am I doing here?” Biden said.

Cooper had to step in to save him, saying “Was it Long Beach or…”

“Long Beach, thank you,” Biden responded.

Can the American people truly put their faith in this man to lead them?

The short answer is no, and it is time that something is done before our nation is completely destroyed from within.




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