• June 15, 2024

Single Payer Death Panel Refuses To Allow Dying Baby Into US For Treatment

 Single Payer Death Panel Refuses To Allow Dying Baby Into US For Treatment

How would you feel if you had a baby that was dying?  How would you feel if the government would not allow you to take your child out of the country for an experimental treatment, even though you have all the money you need?  How would you feel if you took your case to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) and they agreed with your government and that the baby must be allowed to “die with dignity”?

To hell with dying with dignity.  I plan on giving old Mr Death the fight of his life. (afterlife?)I will be scratching and clawing every step of the way even if they surprised me and told me I would get into Heaven?  Yeah.  Like such a thing would be remotely possible.  If it were your baby and you had the money, what would you want to be able to do?  Me too.

 The parents of 10-month-old Charlie Gard are reported to be “utterly distraught” after the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) denied them a final effort to save their dying son.

After losing a battle in the UK’s Supreme Court, they had appealed to the court in France to fight the decision of British doctors at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, who argued the baby could not be saved in the U.S. and must “die with dignity”.

Chris Gard, 32, and Connie Yates, 31, had raised more than £1.3 million to take Charlie to the U.S. for partially untested, “experimental” treatment, which they claim could save his life.

Britain has a socialised healthcare system, and despite the fact his parents raised private funds for treatment, the courts could have acted as what some in U.S. politicians call a “death panel”, decided who is and who is not worth saving.

“We strongly feel as his parents that Charlie should get a chance to try these medications. He literally has nothing to lose but potentially a healthier, happier life to gain,” the mother wrote on a crowd-funding page.

Charlie was born healthy, but suffers from a rare genetic condition, called mitochondrial depletion syndrome, and has serious brain damage.

The ECHR ruled Tuesday that the British hospital was correct and the treatment in the U.S. could not help Charlie. The court said the application by the parents was “inadmissible” and added that their decision was “final”.

Under single payer systems you do not decide on treatments and your doctor doesn’t get to decide.  The government decides for you.  Still want single payer?

H/T Breitbart News


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