Sick New Details Released About The Man Who MURDERED Ashli Babbitt…

It is truly disgusting to see how the government is acting currently and witnessing their utter hypocrisy seeking justice.

Ashli Babbitt was MURDERED last January 6, and yes I say murdered and there is not one thing being done to bring her murderer to justice.

Babbitt was gunned down by Capitol police officer Michael Byrd. The details of her shooting are a mystery; as Capitol police do not have to release details as other police agencies do.

Though one thing we do know is that Byrd has never been charged with the crime of shooting Babbitt and that has many people disgusted.

Now, additional details on the so-called “investigation” have come to light, thanks to investigative journalist Paul Sperry, and what he’s uncovered will infuriate you even more.

Sperry wrote a new piece on the Michael Byrd case, and in it, he reveals some very disturbing details about that phony investigation into the shooting — and when you see how this case was handled, I have a feeling you’ll be shocked and angry.


Here’ what Sperry wrote in his Real Clear Politics piece:

When U.S. Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd went on “NBC Nightly News” to tell his side of shooting and killing unarmed Jan. 6 rioter Ashli Babbitt, he made a point to note he’d been investigated by several agencies and exonerated for his actions that day.

“There’s an investigative process [and] I was cleared by the DOJ [Department of Justice], and FBI and [the D.C.] Metropolitan Police,” he told NBC News anchor Lester Holt in August, adding that the Capitol Police also cleared him of wrongdoing and decided not to discipline or demote him for the shooting.

Byrd then answered a series of questions by Holt about the shooting, but what he told the friendly journalist, he likely never told investigators. That’s because he refused to answer their questions, according to several sources and documents reviewed by RealClearInvestigations.

In fact, investigators cleared Byrd of wrongdoing in the shooting without actually interviewing him about the shooting or threatening him with punishment if he did not cooperate with their criminal investigation.

“He didn’t provide any statement to [criminal] investigators and they didn’t push him to make a statement,” Babbitt family attorney Terry Roberts said in an RCI interview. “It’s astonishing how skimpy his investigative file is.”

Roberts, who has spoken with the D.C. MPD detective assigned to the case, said the kid-glove treatment of Byrd raises suspicions the investigation was a “whitewash.”

The lawyer’s account appears to be backed up by a January 2021 internal affairs report, which notes Byrd “declined to provide a statement,” D.C. MPD documents show.

Asked about it, a D.C. MPD spokeswoman confirmed that Byrd did not cooperate with internal affairs agents or FBI agents, who jointly investigated what was one of the most high-profile officer-involved shooting cases in U.S. history.

“MPD did not formally interview Lt. Byrd,” deputy D.C. MPD communications director Kristen Metzger said. And, “He didn’t give a statement while under the U.S. Attorney’s Office investigation.”

After Byrd declined to cooperate with D.C MPD Internal Affairs Division’s investigation, which was led by Det. John Hendrick, his case eventually was turned over to the USCP for a final administrative review of whether or not his actions conformed with department policies and training.

Still, USCP concluded in August that “the officer’s conduct was lawful and within department policy.” The agency launched its administrative investigation after the criminal investigation was closed.


They never even interviewed him and he refused to cooperate.

That’s how little they cared about Ashli or justice.

Who had Michael’s back? Who was watching out for him?

Nancy Pelosi?

The funny thing is that most people are saying, “Well, once the GOP takes back the House they will investigate.”

Would they?

Would they push for justice for Babbitt or will they just continue to hold the status quo to keep themselves in good graces with the leftist mob?

At this point, I don’t know but I certainly hope that Babbitt’s family does see some justice for their family members’ needless death in this life.

What do you think?


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