SICK: Doctors Discover the Suspected Hosts of Coronavirus Link to Humans (VIDEO)

(Gateway Pundit) Research scientists now say pangolins may have spread coronavirus to humans. The disease has killed over 1,000 people worldwide as of today, mostly in China.

The Chinese eat pangolin meat and use their scales for medicinal purposes.

On Monday night Tucker Carlson invited Dr. Janette Nesheiwat on to discuss the origin of the deadly coronavirus. Dr. Nesheiwat told Tucker that bats may have contaminated pangolins as a host for the virus to humans.

Pangolins are endangered species and the Chinese use them for meat and medicinal purposes.

On Monday on Lou Dobbs Tonight, Dr. Siegel confirmed that the Remdesivir treatment shows tremendous promise and the results were noticed within hours. Dr. Siegel also mentioned two other treatments that are showing promise. In Thailand they are administering an HIV drug with a flu drug and that is showing promise. And a third treatment is the use of antibodies to target the virus.



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