• April 13, 2024

Shoppers Ran For Their Lives When A Massive Ghost Appeared Above Them…

 Shoppers Ran For Their Lives When A Massive Ghost Appeared Above Them…

A mysterious event happened when a huge ghost like shadow appeared in the sky. It seems to be like a fictional character in “Harry Potter” but it is real.

When you’re a fan of a magical franchise like “Harry Potter”, it’s easy to get lost in that amazing world of make believe full of wizards, witches, and wicked sorcerers. But some people can have a tough time separating fact from fiction, especially when some strange cloud figure appears in the sky. Just ask a bunch of locals from Zambia who were minding their own business and doing a little shopping when something unusual began to manifest in the sky above them. Before long, their curiosity turned to terror when this “Harry Potter Dementor” figure appeared in the clouds.

Most of us would crap our pants If a Dementor from Harry Potter were to cross the veil into our reality.

After all, these foul creatures are the embodiment of decay and despair, and there’s nothing that they’d enjoy doing more than to drain peace, hope, and happiness from our very existence.

So when Zambian locals were shopping at the Mukuba Mall in Kitwe, they began to run in terror when this odd humanoid figure appeared in the clouds.

As they looked up at the sky above the shopping center, they saw a head and torso trailing across the sky in what was described as 330 ft long and scary as hell.

It became obvious that the dense, dark shape wasn’t simply some oddly shaped cloud.

It was definitely some sort of ghostly object eerily reminiscent of those damn Dementors from “Harry Potter” and worst of all, it was looking down the shopping center and its shoppers.

But was it a supernatural figure from the depths of something dark and evil, or was it something good?

Not everyone assumed it was a Dementor. In fact, some thought it was God physically manifesting itself. So we’re guess these weren’t really “Harry Potter” fans. So while Potter fans ran, others simply started worshipping.

Well, it turns out that it’s neither a Dementor or a supreme being ready to smite humanity.

Rumors circled that the image was fake, but when you run a Google search you’ll find clearer images on Pinterest that seem to show that It’s a ghost man kite. In fact, some say that if you look close enough you can even see the strings in that picture.

The ghostly figure hovered in the sky for about half an hour.

Just long enough to scare the crap out of most people, and probably mess up the total sales for the day at most stores in the mall. But other than being a creepy AF distraction, the apparition caused no harm to anyone.

But it was definitely a sight to see, if it indeed did happen as some eyewitnesses claimed.

Some said that they were shocked to see the image that looked like a human in the clouds, and we can certainly agree that it sounded very strange, and almost worthy of “X-Files”.

The only thing that many people were wondering was that if such a phenomenon happened, why were there only pictures?

In today’s day and age, everyone pretty much has a camera on their phones. So why hadn’t anyone recorded a video of this Dementor-like figure while it hovered for half an hour in the sky?

It wasn’t long before this story went viral on social media and shortly after, folks started getting suspicious.

In fact, it spread like wildfire because people actually started believing that a Dementor was invading our realm. But eventually, people got smart and started debunking the entire story, claiming that it was simply a photoshopped image that was made to look at lot larger than it actually appeared in the sky.

At this point, people were calling the story B.S. and claimed that journalism was long dead.

But even though it turns out that the whole story was nothing more than bogus worthy of the pages on The National Enquirer, it was certainly cool to entertain the thought that maybe just for a moment, Dementors were real, and if they existed, then maybe there was a Harry Potter out there somewhere.



Source: www.lifebuzz.com

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