Sheriff David Clarke ‘Unimpressed’ By Beyonce’s Gun-Control Stunt At The VMAs [VIDEO]

Speaking on Fox News’ Monday broadcast of “America’s Newsroom,” Sheriff Clarke said he had no reaction to Beyonce’s politicization of the 2016 Video Music Awards.

“I don’t listen to Beyonce. I don’t buy her music,” the Milwaukee County Sheriff explained. “I’m a country music fan, but it’s pretty obvious that she used them as a backdrop.”

“Look, we all love moms. Moms are great. Those moms have suffered a great loss. Many of their sons were involved in behavior that contributed to their own demise, but that doesn’t mean we should come down on moms.”

Clarke stated that “Beyonce is a one-percenter, and all she’s trying to do is to get her book stamped to show that she’s down with these people.”

“She doesn’t care about these people,” he added. “How much has she donated to any of these causes she claims to support? And it’s like any other Hollywood elitist. It’s all theater.”



Article source - Daily Caller
Article source – Daily Caller


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