Sheriff Clarke Just Took A Liberal Company Out To The Woodshed!

 Sheriff Clarke Just Took A Liberal Company Out To The Woodshed!

What could possibly go wrong if you are fond of listening to your favorite radio show?

Here’s what happened to a lyft rider who got fired for listening to The Milwaukee-based “Mark Belling Later Afternoon” show on WISN, where former African-American Sheriff David Clarke was filling in with for Mark Belling.

Being notable America First advocate and prominent supporter of President Trump was discussing the hypocrisy of the Black Lives Matter as it relates to deadly black-on-black crime and the disproportionate murder of African-American babies via abortion annually in the United States.

Ryan Alexander, who is earning a living from driving with Lyft and was able completed over 11,000 trips, he tried to appeal the decision and get insights from Lyft but the didn’t bother to respond. That’s tragic.

This incident caused Clarke to slammed Lyft as a “fascist” company. I couldn’t agree more!

This is Joe Biden’s America, deem it as private companies who receive sweetheart tax breaks from the authoritarian state are now acting as a Ministry of Propaganda which is scary as it can revoke your livelihood on-demand.

Alexander said that the passenger sitting in his car thought of him as an enemy for listening to Clarke and the passenger called the former sheriff  “trash,” “slammed the door to my car when she got out, and specifically referenced abortion which Clarke did talk about briefly while she was in the car,” Ryan explained in an email to WISN host Dan O’Donnell.

Clarke railed against the hypocrisy of Black Lives Matter.

Incidents like that are really costly for low abiding citizens. Tragic fact.

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