She Was Raped By A Guy In A Dress, Her Dad Was The One In Cuffs Instead!

It seems as every day there is another reason for any parent that has their child in the public school system to yank them out of there. Between the indoctrination from literal ANTIFA teachers, COVID mandates, and now the push for Critical Race Theory to be taught there it makes no sense to send any child into those hell holes.

If you needed any more proof of how bad the school system is getting then we are going to take a little trip over to Loudoun County, Virginia.

A little backstory here for everyone since this is a story that I have missed but thanks to the beauty of social media this viral video landed in my lap.

However, before we dive into this story, I am going to warn you that this is going to be a tough one to hear.

Scott Smith, a father of a young lady that attends a school in the Loudoun Country district, was arrested after a scuffle with the police at a school board meeting. Now, that may be where everyone wants us to stop and just let it go but wait, there’s more.

Smith went into the meeting to reveal that his daughter was raped by a “skirt-wearing” boy in the bathroom and the school board helped cover it up.

Tell me again about this so-called war on women?



Not only was Smith’s allegation against the school board accurate, but there is also even more to this already incredibly gruesome story. Not only did this occur—verified by a rape kit—it was a “skirt-wearing boy” in the bathroom!

Seriously, didn’t all of us predict that is what would happen if you let teens just decide what “gender” they are?

Smith, justifiably angry goes to the board meeting to speak out only to have the superintendent deny that the assault had ever taken place! Of course, this was a blatant lie, and for an added insult to this father, some leftist douche-nozzle proceeds to tell him that HE was lying! Just saying, I actually applaud Smith’s restraint… I’d have engaged in more than a scuffle.

But the hits don’t stop there!  Now, parents who question school boards are labeled as “domestic terrorists” and they will send the FBI after them.

Unreal, and I hate to say it but I do not think it is going to be an easier ride for us at anytime soon.



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