She Was An Instagram Star… Until Someone Deconstructed Her Terrible Photoshop Job…

It’s becoming significantly tricky to be primary on the internet. You can find so several repeats of every little thing, it truly is exceptional to come across something unique. In simple fact, it truly is so simple to replicate other folks on the worldwide web that some people today have even stooped minimal enough to steal others’ pics and assert it as their own. Stealing is never an excellent idea, specifically on the worldwide web! Not only will you get caught, you will also be exposed for the fraud that you are!

Ticha has been stealing people’s photos and Photoshopping herself into them. She would then proceed to post the photos on her Instagram account without crediting the original photographers.


Ticha was soon exposed for what she was doing as social media users began posting her photos alongside the original photos found on the internet.


One of the pictures she stole belonged to a Finnish landscape photographer, Tiina Törmänen. The Finnish Embassy in Bangkok couldn’t resist from posting a joke about it on their Facebook page.


They posted, “Northern lights in Finland are so beautiful that many people wish they could experience them…” alongside an article exposing Ticha’s suspicious online activity.


In another photo, the flight attendant posted on her Instagram account, she simply photoshopped herself into a photo that was shot and published by emirates (the airline she works for).


Here’s what the original photo looks like without Ticha in it. You gotta admit, she did a pretty good job at photoshopping herself into the photo.


As a result, Ticha deleted all the pictures she had stolen. But it doesn’t stop there, it looks like she has also deleted the popular Instagram account that had 150k followers.

Moral of the day: don’t steal from others.



Rafael Smith

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