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She Tried To Bleach Her Hair At Home, And Things Took An Absolutely Horrible Turn…

 She Tried To Bleach Her Hair At Home, And Things Took An Absolutely Horrible Turn…

Hair coloring is a very sensitive and very demanding procedure. It does not matter how much or what material you need for the color you want. Bleaching agents are often very strong, harsh, and harmful so they can completely destroy the hair. It also happened to a young girl trying to dye her brown hair at home.

A 19-year-old brunette who tried to go blonde at home was left horrified after bleach melted her long locks and caused her hair to fall out in massive chunks.

Josie Laro was getting fed up with her brown hair, however, Laro did not want to shell out the cost of going to a hair salon and having the stylist do a proper job – so she bought bleach from the dollar store and got to work doing it herself.

The teen, from Grand Forks, North Dakota, USA, said she had already bleached her hair twice in the past without any issues so didn’t think anything could go wrong.


But this time the certified nursing assistant knew something wasn’t right when she claims she started feeling an intense burning sensation on her scalp 20 minutes into the bleaching process. Laro then watched in horror as the bleach melted her hair and made it fall out of her head in massive clumps that left her bald and embarrassed.


Laro jumped into the shower and tried to wash the bleach out of her hair. But it was too late. As she ran her hands through her hair, giant clumps fell out and dropped to the floor. The chemical had melted her hair and left her in a desperate state.

Here’s what Laro said:

“I used the same bleach and developers that I had before. I never expected anything to go wrong. I have really long hair, so once I put the bleach in, I put it up into a shower cap to ensure it didn’t make a mess of everything.”


“My head started getting really hot about twenty minutes in. I took the cap off to see how light my hair had become. Then I could smell my hair burning. I panicked and realized I needed to get the bleach out straight away. But as I ran my fingers through my hair, clumps started falling out, and it just didn’t stop. I kept screaming ‘oh my god, oh no!’. It was really traumatic, and I was freaking out.”

“It looked like a huge pile of spaghetti or noodles in the shower. I felt so sick, it was like something from a horror movie. All their hair on the back side of my head fell off, but the front was the same, so it was all uneven,” She added.


Laro stayed home crying for the next three days before she decided to get some help.

And then she turned to the internet to see if she could get any help. Finally, a local hair salon offered his help and promised to get the most out of the destroyed hair.

“I went a couple of days just feeling so depressed about what I’d done. I felt so ashamed. I was so upset when I brushed my hair; it was all brittle. It felt like barbie hair. I lost a lot of self-esteem. I didn’t want to go out and do anything or see anyone.”


Her story can serve as a warning to everyone. It is not possible to throw a platinum tube of dark brown hair without destroying the threads. This is a multi-step process that makes the tufts lighter and lighter. Be sure to see a hairdresser because he knows what to do and how the hair reacts to the light and then decides what to do next.

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