She Broke Up With Her Boyfriend, And He Chopped Off Her Head…What People Are….

A teenage girl was allegedly beheaded by her boyfriend, 23, in Sweden after she ended their relationship.

Wilma Andersson, 17, went missing on November 14 last year, after going to Tishko Ahmed Shabaz’s flat to pick up her things. The pair had reportedly been together for two years before she ended the relationship.

Wilma Andersson

The suspect had denied severing Andersson’s head, but his fingerprints were found on the packaging the head was wrapped in.

Police then searched the man’s flat and reportedly found traces of blood inside, local media reports. Officers claim they then discovered Wilma’s severed head in a suitcase, wrapped in aluminum foil and sticky tape, on November 28.

The suspect recently underwent a forensic psychiatric examination, which found that he was accountable. The court said there were no mitigating circumstances.

“I can conclude that the court shared our assessment,” prosecutor Jim Westerberg said, noting that the prosecution had requested a life sentence.

In addition to a murder conviction, Shabaz has also been convicted of committing the crime of defiling Wilma’s dead body. Authorities continue to search for the rest of her body. Inside the bag where her head was found was also a stuffed animal.

Tishko Ahmed Shabaz

According to court documents, Shabaz was born in a Kurdish region in northern Iraq and came to Sweden when he was eight. He grew up in Uddevalla with his father and stepmother.


More details of this gruesome murder from AWM:

Following the disappearance of the teenager, hundreds of people jumped at the chance to help search for her. She was officially reported missing in Uddevalla on November 17, three days after she was last seen by her friends and loved ones.

By the time she was reported missing, her boyfriend had already been captured and held in jail. He has not been out of jail since then.

The day that Wilma was thought to be killed was November 14, the very same day that she was last seen. It is believed that Shabaz murdered her and cut off her head on that day and then tried to cover up his crime by wrapping her head in aluminum foil and keeping it preserved in his home. He allegedly cut up the rest of her body to dispose of it, too.

Prosecutors claim Shabaz murdered Wilma after subjecting her to “repeated violence.”

Because the rest of her body has yet to be found, relatives have urged people to keep up the search so they can get complete closure.

“We want to find our daughter and sister. It is completely inhumane that we go through so please do not stop looking for Wilma,” her mother Linda told Swedish media. “I hope people are observant if they see something aberrant in water or terrain. That people have their eyes open.”

Shabaz has now been charged with her murder and handed a possible life sentence if found guilty.

Source: AWM


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