Sen Chuck Schumer Urges FBI Director Not To Investigate Biden Scandal Before Election

The biggest October surprise of the 2020 elections came in the form of a laptop, reportedly belonging to Hunter Biden, discovered in a Delaware computer repair shop.

The device, and its damning contents, have grown into a campaign-killing scandal for Hunter’s father, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Information discovered on the laptop hints that the Bidens were allegedly involved in international business schemes that saw unfair payments and deals secured thanks to the power of the elder Biden’s position as the former vice president.

Seeing the potential for even more abuse if the Biden was to win the White House, some politicians worked to confirm the bombshell discoveries.

After a thorough review by his staff, Rep. Jim Jordan claims to have independently verified the contents of the laptop.

“Our staff has had numerous conversations,” Jordan said Tuesday, “which have independently confirmed for us that in fact these emails are real, they’re authentic.”

Unfortunately, not everyone in Washington, D.C., is itching to get to the bottom of this case.

Some, like Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, are actively working to suppress an investigation into the laptop allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden.

“We write regarding press reports concerning materials allegedly describing activities by Hunter Biden, and found on a laptop at a Delaware repair shop,” the New York Democrat and fellow Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon wrote to FBI Director Christopher Ray.

“We are deeply concerned,” the Thursday letter continues, “about the possibility that in response to these reports the Trump Administration will take actions before Election Day that would seek to damage the Democratic presidential candidate and undermine the rule of law.”

The letter urges Wray “to resist pressure from President Trump and other partisan actors to take any actions intended to benefit President Trump politically on the eve of the election. Succumbing to such pressure would deeply undermine our national security interests and the credibility of law enforcement, and could have devastating consequences for the resiliency of our democracy.”

It’s unclear how Schumer thinks an investigation into a credible accusation of wrongdoing would undermine the rule of law.




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