See what a Nun and Cop have in common with a soccer ball at street fair

To be honest one may not think that a police officer and a Dominican nun may not share a lot in common, but for observers at a city street fair, they were definitely surprised. According to Inside Edition, a nun and a police officer squared off on a Limerick, Ireland street last week and bystanders witnessed a highly unlikely event occur.

The surprising duo were engaging in a popular soccer ball game called “Keepie Uppie” which brought a lot of laughs as well as attention to the two. What was very surprising was how expertly the nun was able to handle the ball against the very nimble Limerick cop Garda O’Connell.
The cop who is stationed with the Henry St. Community Policing Unit just happened by the street fair and apparently entertained a friendly game with the Dominican nun.

The According to the Limerick Leader, the video which shows the two ‘Keepie Uppie’ friendly combatants had gone viral with nearly 1,8k likes and over 100,000 views. The video is posted on the Garda Síochána – Cork, Kerry & Limerick – Southern Region Facebook page.

One of the Facebook page readers has suggested that the popular video participants should schedule a rematch. The video caption sort of says it all. “Well what can we say, this definitely isn’t something you see every day.”

An interesting connection to America should not be lost. The Limerick Leader reported that the four Dominican Sisters of Our lady of Limerick Order moved to the city from Nashville in 2016 in order to keep the order thriving and alive. They even love to play soccer and frisbee in their free time.

One has to wonder if the religious leaders in America could take a lesson from the nun who shared a moment to have fun with a law enforcement officer and build a bridge of friendship and not acrimony.

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