• May 25, 2024

Screaming Fans Shower President Trump With Love At Army / Navy Game [WATCH]

 Screaming Fans Shower President Trump With Love At Army / Navy Game [WATCH]

The media loves to use any opportunity to embarrass President Donald Trump and they will use anything in their power to do it.

But when something positive happens for the president it is either not reported, buried under other stories or reported with a “but” followed by something the president did or said that they think embarrasses him.

That is why you should not expect CNN, The New York Times or other mainstream media to report on the raucous and huge ovation the President received on Saturday.

The president attended the Army VS Navy game in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he was greeted to an ovation from the fans.

President Trump donned his trademark, red, Keep America Great hat, the slogan for his 2020 presidential campaign.

He walked to midfield, where security had the area roped off, and waved to his supporters as he prepared to do the coin toss, which Navy won, USA Today reported.

The President watched the first half from the Army side with Defense Secretary Mark Esper and other military leaders, according to the official pool report.

Trump crossed over to the Navy side at halftime. Some audience members chanted, “Commander in chief” and “Trump we love you” was also heard. A couple dozen people in uniform chanted, “Four more years!”

The president watched along with the crowd as five Black Hawk helicopters did a flyover, twice passing over the stadium during intermission.

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