Scientist To Start Experiments Into Reanimating the Brain Dead [VIDEO]

Sergei Paylian was born in Georgia, part of the old Soviet Union.  He now has a laboratory in Florida from which he operates his company Bioquark that specializes in regenerative health.  Shortly, he will begin experiments in Latin America in an effort to revitalize brain dead patients.  If the experiments work out, he will setting up a booth in the 2020 Democratic National Convention.  No.  Probably not.  If you re-energize the brain cells in liberals, they would become conservatives.

Paylian says he already has a number of volunteers to try out his experimental treatment on.  He uses stem cells and  bioquantines in his treatments.   Bioquantines are extracted from various species that have regenerative powers.  The first step is to try to provide the patients with the ability to breath on their own.  The bioquantines are injected into the body and search out dead cells and restores those cells to a healthier state.

He is on the international advisory board of ReAnima, which is already preparing to conduct experimental treatments in Latin America of ‘living cadavers,’ patients who have experienced complete and irreversible loss of brain function, or brain death.

The procedure involves harvesting stem cells from the patient’s own blood and injecting them back into their body; injecting bioquantines into the patient’s spinal cord; and performing 15 days of laser and median nerve stimulation, monitoring the patients using MRI scans.

The initial goal is to re-start the body’s ability to, unaided, pump the heart and breathe; no one is expecting the treatment to immediately reanimate the patients so that they’re jumping off the bed – but the project aims to lay the groundwork for future, further developments that can enhance levels of consciousness and recovery.

H/T The Mail Online

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