• July 22, 2024

Schumer Yells For Special Session Of Congress To Address Emergency Gun Control Legislation

 Schumer Yells For Special Session Of Congress To Address Emergency Gun Control Legislation

Over the weekend, there was a terrible tragedy in El, Paso, Texas where a deranged gunman opened fire in a crowded Walmart, gunning down over 30 innocent people. Of course, the gun grabbers on the left side of aisle have already begun clamoring for stricter gun laws instead of blaming the horrendous actions on the shooter.

In light of this, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer may be ending its summer recess earlier than expected to address emergency gun control legislation.

The main objective for this session would be to gut the Second Amendment.

Here is more from Bearing Arms:

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is demanding Majority Leader Mitch McConnell bring back members of Congress for a special session to pass HR8, the so-called “universal background check” bill passed by the house earlier this year. …

What we do know is the HR8, the federal universal background check law, is completely unenforceable, at least as a pro-active crime fighting tool. Can Senator Schumer explain how law enforcement would find out about a private transfer or sale of a firearm that took place without a background check? We’re talking about private party sales here. How would the federal government even be aware of such a sale? …

Obviously if Democrats do get a special session of Congress, they won’t be restricting their demands to “universal background checks”. Already we’ve seen a number of Democrats, including Senator Kamala Harris, demand a ban on semi-automatic long guns.

… Anti-gun politicians will be offering empty promises of easy solutions, and gun control groups will be mobilizing as many Americans as they can to demand those unenforceable (and in many cases unconstitutional) laws be put on the books. …

Of course, Kamala Harris is not the only far-lefty calling for gun confiscation. All the others have jumped on the bandwagon and as you know they will keep pushing it until

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