School Denies Student’s Legal Right To Wear Military Uniform at Graduation [VIDEO]

Brentwood, California Schools told PFC Harland J Fletcher that he not be allowed to participate in the commencement exercises unless he took of his Army uniform and wore just the cape and gown.  The move is high handed as well as illegal.  Fletcher has the legal right to wear his uniform as long as he fulfilled all of his educational requirements and completed basic training and he has done both.  Ironically, the name of his school is  Liberty Union High School.

 Fletcher, a US Army Reserve Medic attended Basic Combat Training between his junior and senior year of high school, enlisting on his 17th birthday, the earliest day possible. This option is known as a “Split Option”.

Fletcher says his counselor approved him wearing his Army Service Uniform during the graduation ceremony on Friday. When he arrived to the ceremony, Fletcher says he was told by the principal and vice principal that he must wear the robe in place of his uniform.

Fletcher says he told school administrators that wearing his “blues” was within his rights as long as he fulfilled all school requirements and completed basic training.

Fletcher says he was then told that he “can pick up the diploma in the office on Monday.”

Fletcher’s father, Bill Fletcher, stated he is “tired of service members and vets being quietly and systematically denied rights by establishments that should know, respect and abide by the laws enacted on all of our behalf.”

Late Saturday Liberty Union High School District Supt. Eric Volta issued an apology.

There was no intention to “slight” Harland or the US Army, the statement read. “In fact, with a little prior notification, I’m sure that Principal Walsh and the site administration would have come to this conclusion before the ceremony. Again, I apologize to Harland for this unfortunate incident and thank him for his service to our country.”

Of course the apology was issued just hours after it was too late.  I’m sure that was the intention of the snowflakes who run the school.

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