SAYONARRA: Milo The Homo Resigns From Breitbart After Pedophile Comments

Provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos‘s days at Breitbart News are over.

Insider sources tell The Mirror that Washington editors Matthew Boyle and Alexander Marlow recommended that he be fired. Bannon, who was said to favor keeping Yiannopoulos, allegedly could have a significant role in making a personnel decisions at the company where he was once chairman. He does speak to some of the reporters and editors there with great frequency.

Some insiders who were not on Yiannopoulos’s side: Breitbart’s London bureau chief Raheem Kassam openly dislikes Milo. Breitbart Texas Bureau Chief Brandon Darby and reporter Lee Stranahan are also opposed and have said so on Twitter.

Another sign that things were not in Yiannopoulos’s corner: He’s using a different PR firm than Breitbart, which uses CapitalHQ.

Yiannopoulos’ head is on the proverbial chopping block because of remarks he made regarding pedophilia in a video about a year ago that surfaced just in time for CPAC to kick him off their speakers’ list this week.

A source tells The Mirror that a cluster of GOP aides on Capitol Hill are saying that Trump was getting “pissy” that Yiannopoulos appearance at CPAC was overshadowing his own.

As it was explained to The Mirror, the way Breitbart works is that the Mercers own 50 percent of the company. Breitbart CEO and President Larry Solov, Bannon, Andrew Breitbart’s widow, Susie Bean, and Jon Kahn own a portion of the other 50 percent. Bannon’s share plus the complete confidence from Bob and Rebekah Mercer give him control.

“So, yeah he [Bannon] could play a role,” an insider said Tuesday.

Yiannopoulos is set to give a press conference Tuesday at 3.


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