• April 15, 2024

ROAD RAGE: Pissed Off Mom BUSTS OUT A GUN On Another Mom In School Drop-Off Line

 ROAD RAGE: Pissed Off Mom BUSTS OUT A GUN On Another Mom In School Drop-Off Line


Things got pretty intense in the drop-off line at an elementary school in a pleasant Houston, Texas suburb on Thursday morning when a mad mom busted out a gun and threatened another mom while dropping off her child.

The kerfuffle occurred as the two moms began arguing while in the process of dropping off their kids at Deer Park Elementary School, reports Houston ABC affiliate KTRK.

Several parents witnessed the incident. The children of the two mothers were in the cars belonging to the parents as the gun threat went down.

Witnesses say the disagreement appeared to begin after one of the moms criticized the way the other mom was driving in a school zone.

A veritable parent on the street in Deer Park interviewed by KTRK suggested that it’s unwise to “mouth off” to people when you become angry in the current social climate.

“You know, if you’re gonna go up to somebody and mouth off, I mean, you don’t know what people might have in their car,” the parent opined. “And, with the, you know, concealed-carry licenses and all that stuff nowadays, you don’t know. So, don’t go mouth off to somebody unless you’re ready to see what they’re gonna do.”

The mom with the gun did not fire it.

No one was injured in the incident.

Both parents involved in the fracas remain unidentified.

Later on Thursday, Deer Park Elementary principal Lisa McLaughlin sent a letter informing parents of the incident.

“I’m writing to inform you of an incident involving two parents that took place in the drop-off lane at Deer Park Elementary this morning,” McLaughlin wrote. “As students were being dropped off before school this morning, the two parents were involved in a disagreement. The confrontation escalated, ending with one parent pointing a firearm at the other. Other parents witnessed the disagreement, and the police were contacted and quickly arrived on the scene.”

“At one time or another, we’ve all experienced frustration while driving. But, as our students know all too well, it’s never a good idea to react when emotions are high,” the principal also sagaciously counseled. “My hope is that we can all look at what happened this morning and reconsider how we deal with disagreements and anger in our lives.”

Police did not file any charges over the incident, according to the Houston Chronicle.

It’s not clear if either or both of the moms involved in the incident reappeared to drop off their kids at Deer Park Elementary on Friday morning.


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