Rioting and Looting In Minneapolis AGAIN After Officer Shoots Black Man Fleeing Police[VIDEO]

Activists in the already tense city of Minneapolis awaiting the verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin for the death of George Floyd exploded into violence Sunday night. The violence stemmed from the death of 20-year-old Daunte Wright was shot and killed by police as he tried to escape an arrest.

Wright had an outstanding warrant for his arrest and attempted to flee police after he was pulled over was shot, according to police.

“According to a statement from Brooklyn Center Police, officers stopped an individual shortly before 2 p.m. Sunday after determining the driver had an outstanding warrant,” the Washington Post reported. “Police said when they tried to arrest the driver, the driver re-entered the vehicle and drove away. An officer fired at the vehicle, striking the driver. Police said the vehicle traveled several blocks before striking another vehicle.”

Sadly, this lit the fuse that erupted into yet more rioting in the already tense area that has been devastated by the Black Lives Matter protests over George Floyd’s death.

“Protesters walked to the Brooklyn Center police headquarters near 67th Avenue North and North Humboldt Avenue and were locked in a standoff with police in riot gear late Sunday night,” the Minnesota Tribune reported. “Officers repeatedly ordered the crowd of about 500 to disperse as protesters chanted Wright’s name and climbed atop the police headquarters sign, by then covered in graffiti.”

“Police used tear gas, flashbangs, and rubber bullets on the crowd,” the Tribune added. “Scattered reports of looting were reported throughout the city.”

Tense altercations between protesters and police could be seen on several witness videos.

The protesters advocated for “justice for Daunte Wright.”

Of course, stores were looted for justice.

Even Walmart was looted despite their pledge to help far-left radical groups.

More footage of Walmart being ransacked.

One Nike store was looted for Black Lives.

Thankfully, some of the freedom fighters were apprehended.

Tear gas and flash-bang grenades were reportedly dispensed to break up the crowd. One protester yelled, “Feels like we at war.”

The police were wearing body cams, so these protesters could have waited for actual justice, which doesn’t entail committing crimes like looting stores and vandalism.

One police officer was injured in the attempted arrest of Wright and was transported to the hospital by helicopter.


Of course, it is horrible that this young man lost his life, and instead of burning down a city, there should be calm to figure out what occurred. At this point, it is like a game of telephone with everyone saying what they saw or heard but NOT the actual evidence. It is incredibly sad that cooler heads cannot prevail to wait for the body camera footage to be released to see what happened, but then that would not help the violent left push their radical agenda.



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