• July 15, 2024

RINO Governor Brian Kemp Stepped Up And Got BOOED OUT OF THE BUILDING!

 RINO Governor Brian Kemp Stepped Up And Got BOOED OUT OF THE BUILDING!

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is batting at zero lately and it does not appear that he will be hitting a home run anytime soon.

After the 2020 election, Kemp declared that there was no way that fraud could have occurred in his state and since then the evidence of fraud has been overwhelming.

At the last rally, Kemp took it upon himself to speak at someone who stands with Trump and his supporters, but Kemp did not get the warm welcome he had hoped for.

Kemp was greeted with loud boo’s from the crowd and eventually gave up and left the stage.

It appears every time Kemp speaks to a crowd he is booed off stage; in June when he took the stage at a GOP convention he was booed off the stage too.

Watch the moment Kemp was booed off stage here:


Wayne Dupree covered the story and released these details:

Republicans gathered in Floyd County Georgia for a grassroots event at the fairgrounds.

You could feel the “pro-Tump” energy in the air, and popular Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene was there, and of course, was well-received by the crowd of patriots.

But someone who wasn’t “well-received” was traitor Brian Kemp.

I don’t even know why that loser shows up at these events, to begin with.

That RINO abandoned us on election night and beyond, and that’s not something that Trump supporters will ever forget.

The Gateway Pundit had this to say:

After capitulating to Democrats – certifying the fraud-ridden 2020 election and blocking forensic audits – Republican Gov. Brian Kemp is paying the price at every turn.

The Democrat-media complex continues to cajole the public into believing Joe Biden is a legitimate president, but Americans are not turning the page on the stolen election.

As the maligned Georgia governor took the stage at an event hosted by the Georgia Republican Party on Saturday, he was ferociously booed by the crowd.

“I have been fighting for you – on the roads over the last couple of months – fighting against big corporations,” Kemp declared in a

speech that can barely be heard over roaring jeers.

Kemp doesn’t seem to have much time to turn the crowds back to his favor since Vernon Jones is nipping at his heels.

I don’t know about you but I am praying that Jones ousts this turncoat in a landslide.

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